Valérie SIX



I currently live in Bordeaux, France, where I moved recently after living in Paris. Bordeaux is located in a beautiful region of France with vineyards and wild beaches along the Atlantic coast. I studied Chinese and worked for many years in Paris as a consultant for French creative companies looking for business opportunities in China before deciding, in 2014, after two years as an amateur photographer, to take my first photography class at Ecole des Gobelins. This launched my new life as a photographer.My focus is in street photography but I’m also working on personal projects unpublished so far. What I love above all is capturing and visualizing unique moments and emotions. In the streets, these emotions emanate from the arrangements of lines and light and by the story generated by the people crossing my frame with a look, a gesture or even by the clothes they wear... So many curious juxtapositions that create the perfect backdrop for enigmatic vignettes; fleeting dramas or winks that balance halfway between fiction and reality.


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