Portfolio by Tommaso Sacconi



This series shows people in the instant of coming out of the dark or just about to vanish in it. This is the only moment that I fall in love with them.

Each of the pictures is the result of minutes, sometime hours, spent waiting. I usually  get attracted by location first. I walk there over and over in order to study the light, how and when it changes. Then I wait for the walkers, because people are many scale for architecture, which is crucial to me. In the end I take the photos, usually many of them, as a speed camera. The results are frames of lonely walkers, icons a urban modernity which I’m entirely part of.

New York / Washington, US 2016 – 2017


Portfolio by Edgaras Vaicikevicius


What is a city? The city is a rush, speed, noise. The city is a place where many people live. The city connect these people. But we become individually in the city. 
We are all together and at the same time, we are all one by one. Each of us live our lives in which we invite other people… or not. 
A man and a city, the city and the man. They are always together. They are inseparable. The man is necessary detail of the city. The city is a big puzzle, and the man is the detail that makes this whole puzzle. 
We can not live outside the city, and the city can not live without us. What is a city? It’s a small world with his rate and rules. What is a man? It’s a small world with his thoughts and feelings.