In parallel with his photography debut, Chris Garvi studied English and American literature and civilization in France and abroad. Working in both black and white and color, he continues to favor analog photography for all his personal projects. Chris Garvi is a self-taught photographer who learned through photographic books.
His first influences are the American photographers of the FSA and the French humanist school. He varies and changes his "tools" according to his projects and what he seeks to tell. He refuses to freeze his photography in a "technique" to allow him to evolve permanently. His documentary and fictional works show the author's particular attention to their narrative aspect. His works have been the subject of several exhibitions since 2000 and several publications in magazines, a publication in the catalog of the "Biénales of Photography Aubagne" 2016 for his work "Marseille, colors I sing".
With his partner and lover, Pauline Alioua, he has pubished two books : "Plein Coeur" in 2016 at Editions 8 and "Dans le Creux du manque" in 2018published by Arnaud Bizalion éditeur. Together, they are working on two new book projects with Arnaud Bizalion : one on Algiers and one on Iran.


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