Matthew HALL



I’m a street photographer from Cambridge, England. I have been documenting the streets of my home town for the last two and a half years having stumbled upon the genre by accident. Following the birth of my second child I found myself reluctantly pacing the streets in an attempt to get him to sleep. It was during some of these early walks that I started seeing the characters, scenes and occurrences that I had previously taken no notice of. I then decided to equip myself with a camera to make the most of these daily, directionless rambles and having taught myself the basics of photography, I started to shoot. I’m constantly fascinated by the habits and movements of other people, and now, although no longer armed with a child, I make sure I carry a camera with me at all times from fear of missing the next shot. Silhouettes, obfuscation, abstraction and shadow play are common themes in my work with my subjects reflecting my anonymity as the photographer.


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