Timo Saarelma (b. Turku, Finland) is mainly focused on photography in his artistic work. The contexts of his works often refer to questions related to human interactions in urban space and otherness.
Timo Saarelma studied photography and videography in Oslo National Academy of Arts in Norway, and completed his studies receiving his Master in Fine Arts degree in 2009.
Saarelma's works have been exhibited in various exhibitions in Finland and other countries. In 2015 he worked as a resident artist in an artist-in-residence program in Oaxaca City, Mexico. In 2016 he received an International Rainbow Cultural Workers award diploma for outstanding LGTB cultural contribution.
About work, In the Night Inside series the black and white city spaces function as stages for a play of light and shadows. The narrative of the series unfolds in the human interactions, gestures and intents captured in urban space - in fleeting moments that echo our aspirations and reflections of our own existence.
The humans can be seen as characters of stories that I don’t know how they began, or how they will end.
The Night Inside series of photographs relies on the tradition of candid, un-posed and un-staged street photography.


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