WE ARE YOUNG : a Fabrice Cilpa story

This series was shot in Nice near the port at the beginning of September 2017. Walking alongside the seaside, I was looking for a subject that would allow me to develop a series of a dozen photos or more. "La promenade des Anglais", "la baie des anges" and Old Nice did not initially inspire me, knowing that a large number of photographers had already worked, and even overworked, with these sets. That’s why I did not feel that I was able to take a fresh look at these places in the city, despite the beauty of the countless palm trees, the incessant movement of onlookers which unmistakably offers a range of beautiful compositions and the very rich and colorful architecture of the city. Therefore, the search for a more singular scene quickly became my goal. When by chance, I came across this group of young teens who were having fun jumping from a high rock.
We are 1
We are 2
Everything was there: the scenery, the actors, the rhythm, the story. I first discovered this place from an overhang, which allowed me to make the first pictures of the series in a wide shot angle. This point of view offers a double advantage, on the one hand it was the ideal panorama to start this series as the beauty of the setting enhanced the shots. And on the other hand, this overhang allowed me to set the scene, to contextualize, which would follow with the following photos. After some introductory shots, I then went down to the protagonists' level in order to capture the atmosphere of what was happening as close as possible to the subjects: the carelessness, the jubilation, the spontaneity of a band of teenagers in all its quintessence.
We are 3
We are 4
On an aesthetic point of view, the colors were very beautiful between the blue of the sky and the sea that responded and the various colors of swimsuits worn by young people. Therefore, leaving the pictures in color was very tempting. Especially since color is usually the focal point of my photographic work. But at the same time, I also quickly saw what the black and white could bring to the images. Timelessness, nostalgia and above all, more intensity.
We are 5
We are 6
Having a weak spot for Italian cinema of the years 50/60, whether it’s Pasolini, Zurlini or Rossellini among others, I saw in this scene, at this moment, similarities in terms of atmosphere that the black and white would highlight and which I could not hide.
We are 7
We are 8
Then to top it off, photo number 5 was so powerful and beautiful in black and white, that the rendering of the latter definitely pushed me to towards the choice of black and white for all the other photos. This is how this series was born, with 12 images in total, entitled "We are young".
We are 9
We are 10

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